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Pool Rules

We want you to have the best time possible during your visit to Calday Pool, so we have a few housekeeping rules for you to follow to ensure your safety and wellbeing:

Lifeguard's Instructions

Instructions given by the Lifeguard must be followed at all times! They are here to keep you safe and make sure you have an enjoyable swim.


When arriving at the pool, if you wish to enter the spectator area on Poolside, we ask that you remove your shoes completely. Shoes can either be placed on the shoe racks provided or kept on your person within your bags.

Food and Drink

While seated in the spectator area, we ask that you refrain from eating or drinking anything except water, as these substances can and will contaminate the pool water and cause problems with the filtration systems and the balance of chemicals within the pool. However you are more than welcome to consume these items outside of the premises. 

Garden Area & Car Park

We ask that for hygiene reasons our patrons remain off the garden area located outside of reception. This is to prevent any mud or other material entering the pool, to ensure our pool environment remains safe and hygienic for all of our pool users. We also ask that children do not engage in any ball games or games of any sort in the car park, as this area can be quite busy at times with cars coming in and out. 


If you have small children who require a pushchair, we kindly ask that you leave your pushchair either outside the pool or stored safely out of the way in reception, and do not take it into the changing rooms or onto poolside. This prevents the spread of dirt throughout the building and maintains our high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. 

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