Peninsula Canoe Club

Who are Peninsula Canoe Club?

Peninsula Canoe Club, or “Penpads” for short, is a group of enthusiastic canoeists of all ages and backgrounds based on the Wirral Peninsula. Whatever sort of canoeing you would like to do, the Club will have a few like-minded paddlers for you to paddle with.





Matt                       0151 327 8377 / 07854 97064



The aims of the Club are:

  • To give a focus for all sorts of canoeing activities.

  • To provide a network of contacts for local paddlers.

  • To develop an individuals paddling abilities.

What is Canoeing?

“Canoeing” covers a whole range of activities from touring on quiet rivers to serious competition, in a wide range of kayaks and canoes. Touring on placid water appeals to some, providing quiet enjoyment in the scenery and water wildlife along gently flowing rivers, lakes and canals. Others prefer white water touring on steeper faster rivers. Playboating in “holes” and on waves is also popular with members. Sea Kayaking with day trips and longer expeditions may be to your taste. In the Club we paddle both kayaks and canoes on almost any type of water.

We offer our sessions at Calday Pool every Wednesday Evening at the following times:


20:00 - 22:00