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Hayley's Swim School

Who are Hayley's Swim School?

Hayley’s Swim School are a local swimming lessons provider, where we love swimming and above all teaching children a lifesaving skill on the Wirral.

We offer swimming lessons for children from the age of 3 years upwards in a warm and caring environment on the Wirral at Calday pool, Foxfield in Woodchurch and Stanley School in Pensby.  The classes are small and the private use of the pool, therefore we offer a calm and quiet atmosphere for new swimmers.

Why we love Swimming?

  • Safety.  Swimming is the only sport that can be potentially lifesaving.

  • Health and Fitness.  Swimming lessons are a great way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Social skills.  Swimming lessons are a fantastic way to make new friends and build social confidence.

  • Motor skills.  Regular swimming lessons assist the development of motor skills and co-ordination.

  • Life skills.  Swimming is an important life skill that brings a lifetime of pleasure.  Swimming is also the platform to many other water sports.

Swimming Victory

Why Choose Hayley's Swim School?

We are a small swimming school for children aged 3 upwards, based on the Wirral, where we’ve built reputations for really caring about how children progress in swimming. Our small class sizes of 3-4 children and in water teaching, means we can give every child the attention they deserve to become a confident swimmer.

Our swim school started in 2014, and we now have three main venues in the West Kirby and Woodchurch vicinity. This means we can provide swimming lessons in smaller pools, with room for your child to progress, to swimming 25 metre lengths at Calday Grange pool.

Our swimming lessons are adapted to each child to ensure progress to the best of their ability, while having fun.  We believe that every child matters.



Hayley Chapman

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